Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preparing Your Vehicle For Snow

Surprise Surprise!! How many were expecting the snow today? With 60 degree weather yesterday we were not expecting weather like this... Was your vehicle prepared?

Make sure to keep up on your wiper blades, especially in Colorado. Wiper blades are a huge part of keeping you and your vehicle safe. On the same note, make sure your windshield wiper solvent is always full. Keeping up on these two parts is regular maintenance that should not be forgotten.

You should always check your tires, if you stick a penny upside down between your tread and can see the top of the head or below the head you should replace your tires. Tires will help significantly while driving in snow.

While John & I were driving to work this morning we both noticed the same situation... Please be courteous and don't follow too close to the car in front of you. In any weather condition this is something that I notice constantly and in snow can result in a serious accident.

Stay warm & check back next Monday for Randy's Auto Show recap!

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