Thursday, January 19, 2012

Importance of taking care of leaks

We have seen quite a few cars in the last two weeks coming in for leaks. A majority of which have been coolant leaks. 

Coolant, also known as anti-freeze, is liquid that passes through the engine. Coolant absorbs heat from the engine, which in turn will cool the engine. As the coolant flows out of the engine, it passes through the radiator. The radiator is located just behind the grill at the front of your car. The coolant, still hot from the engine, runs down through a series of channels and is cooled by the outside air blowing through the radiator or by a small fan in the engine. Once cooled in temperature, the coolant runs back through the engine and repeats the entire process again and again throughout the drive, keeping both the engine cool and the driver safe.

There are a few important factors to remember when bringing your vehicle in for a leak. Be prepared for a diagnostic charge, the automotive technicians need the proper amount of time and resources to be able to properly diagnose a vehicle. The diagnostic charge allows technicians to do their job the right way! Also, we have heard customers saying "I will fix the leak but I am going to wait until the next time". This can eventually lead to more damage done to the vehicle and more costly repairs. Why? Any loss of coolant can create steam pockets which can cause premature gasket or seal failure. These problems can be avoided if the repairs are done when the leak is first noticed.

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